Tanner Park – Multiple Video

This park has become one of the cornerstones of Copiague. Located on right on the Great South Bay, the park is home to many different athletic fields and other forms of amusements.

People who grow up in Copiague through the years have created memories of good times, sports, fun, family beach outings and much more. There are hundreds or thousands of stories that start “remember that time at Tanner park…”

About ten years ago I was in las Vegas on a July day that saw the temperature reach 122 degrees. My wife and I were out walking and came upon a strip of souvenir shops so I sat down to some ladies in the shade, while she went in to shop. The ladies I sat with happened to have been from Texas. they asked where I was from, which I of course answered New York, They wanted to know where in New York so I said Long Island. Not satisfied with that answer they asked where on Long island. I said I live in shoreham now but grew up in Copiague. One of the ladies there said “I know Copiague. They have a great big park there. We saw a concert there and then went for a boat ride out on the water.” Here I was in the middle of the desert 2,000 miles away talking with strangers about Tanner Park. You gotta love that.

Tanner park is owned and maintained by the Town of Babylon. Within the park are baseball, football, lacrosse, softball, and soccer fields, as well as basketball and tennis courts. The teams that play on these various fields are under the supervision of the “Copiague Youth League.” Within this league are players from the age of four to eighteen.

Other amenities include: a boat launching station, fishing, food service or “hut,” marina, picnic area, playground, senior center, swimming at the beach and a full concert stage. This large park is haven to the entire Copiague community. At Tanner Park one can expect to find people of all ages enjoying the park’s many attractions at any time, all year round.

Although the fields change from year to year, in order to keep them in the best condition possible, there are generally six soccer fields; five fields for intramural teams, and one for travel teams. There are also five baseball fields and one softball field. Four of the baseball fields are for little league teams, while one is reserved for “majors,” typically players 18 years and older, including a men’s league. Three tennis and basketball courts also contribute to the parks facilities. With the additions of a football/lacrosse field, there is a field for every kind of sports lover out there.

In addition to the sports complex part of the park, Tanner Park also includes a playground and beach. These attractions are opened to the public, for use at any time. During the summer months, there is a day camp that is held on the beach. In addition to the beach, there is a fishing pier, as well as a marina with a boat launching station.

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Sometimes the Great South Bay is like a sheet of glass. It doesn’t happen that often but when it happens it’s a thing of beauty. Alexis Zeugnimod had the opportunity to get a drone’s view of such a day last december and this video shows a magical look at the shoreline by Tanner park in Copiague.

Here’s a video from Matt Brooks. Matt thought he was in Lindenhurst but we’ll see what we can do about that. This video shows the main stage where the Summer concert series plays. Excellent footage set to music. Great job…except for the Lindy title.:-)

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Here’s another Drone video of Tanner park. This one by “Crows Nest” doesn’t have any music and is of the middle section of the park.

Yet another from “Crow’s Nest”: of sunset at Tanner park over the shoreline.

Here’s another video that might warm you up on a cold Winter’s day. We found this montage on Youtube and hope you like it:

Here’s an aerial trip from Tanner Park to Gilgo Beach.You have probably done this by boat if you spent any time at all in Copiague but check it out from the air:

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Check Out This awesome Video Of Tanner Park:

And for those who are in Florida or California or someplace else that’s warm and without seasons and miss the snow, enjoy the last Tanner Park clip of this series.

We hope you have enjoyed this look at Tanner Park as it is today. If you have memories to share about the park, we’d love to hear them. Please leave us a comment below.




  1. Love the article but was sorry that you didn’t include anything about the Sr Citizens’ Center there…probably one of the best things the Town has ever done and a wonderful place for us Srs to enjoy countless fun and interesting programs. Plus a shout out needed for the fantastic staff and volunteers..We are truly lucky to have this center at Tanner.

  2. I so agree the senior center is the best , it is a second home to many of us. There is so much to do. Catered monthly parties, evening dances, excellent trips, pool room, card room , two bocce courts, wii bowling, tap dancing, line dancing classes. Not to memtion hot meals served every day, plus bagels/rolls/coffee/ tea every morning. Excellent entertainment hired by the senior committee. No one shoukd ever be alone with tanner park senior center right in Copiague

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