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Postcard from Marconiville


Once upon a time Copiague was known by the name “Powell’s,” after one of its earliest landowners. The hamlet has also been known by the names East Amityville and Great Neck.
It was renamed to Great Neck in the 1840s and area adopted its present name in 1895. The name Copiague was derived from an Indian term meaning “sheltered harbor.” The first post office in Copiague was established in 1803.

Copiague was the home of the Massapequa Indians. English settlers living in Huntington purchased land from local tribes in 1657. At that time the area was known as Copyag in 1693, and Cuppuauge in 1698.

After the Revolution the town was known as Huntington South when President George Washington visited during his tour of Long Island.

In the first decade of the 20th century, the Sovereign Realty Co. purchased large tracks of land north of the railroad, which were developed by John Campagnoli. Campagnoli called his Italian-American neighborhood “Marconiville” after Guglielmo Marconi the famed Italian inventor.

Other housing developments began in the in the following decades, including Amity Harbor, Deauville Gardens and American Venice. The American Venice project was was modeled after, Venice, Italy, with canals that featured gondolas and bridges linking the neighborhoods.

The Hawkins Estate neighborhood, just north of Montauk Highway was once the stately residence of William E. Hawkins.

Established in 1911 as a two-story wooden schoolhouse, the Great Neck Road Elementary School is the oldest elementary school, still in use, in the Town of Babylon.

Present Day Copiague
Copiague is a city in Suffolk County, New York with a population of 22,772 people and a disproportionately large population of middle-aged.

Approximately 91.7% of the labor force is employed and people typically have two cars, pick-up trucks, or other kinds of personal vehicles available to them.
The most common commute method is driving to work and the average commute length is 26.8 minutes.


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  1. nice story, was not aware of the history. I lived there in late 50’s early 60’s on 34th st. behind the jr.sr.high school and the farmers market. Would hang out at Chris’s diner. Worked at the bakery in Copiague.

    • Hi Glen,
      I was reading your post, and the I remembered you, we went out a few times, I lived in lindenherst, You had a cousin who went to school with me. Do you still live ca ? I live in nanuet ny But I miss the island, I go back to see my friends. Hope all is well in your life. Love to hear from you.

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