It’s Not There – Lakeside Hospital- VIDEO

Lakeside hospital began as Nassau/Suffolk General Hospital in 1939 on the estate of WilliamE Hawkins who was the president of the American brass and copper company.

The Hawkins mansion is pictured in the video circa 1915. it had been built around 1910 it was a 40 room mansion called wild goose farm Hawkins later sold the estate in 1926.

The estate became the Nassau/Suffolk General Hospital on July first 1939 featuring 54 beds with 40 of them for children. It reported its first patient by September 14 1939
the hospital was purchased by Robert H Bailey in April of 1946.

A fire occurred sometime after august 1949 and some patients including newborns had to be evacuated to private residences. By August of 1956 the hospital changed it’s name to lakeside hospital.

Lakeside hospital remained operational until November 1975 and was then left empty and subsequently damaged by fire. It was demolished and the lakeside manor apartment complex was built in its location on the northeast corner of the intersection of Cedar court and Howard avenue just north of Montauk Highway.

I happen to be one of the people who were born in Copiague. I was born in Lakeside hospital in 1959. A lot of the so-called “boomers” born the 1950’s and early ’60’s, that grew up in Copiague were born in Amityville at Brunswick hospital. I’ve only met one other person who was born in Copiague at lakeside hospital and that was a girl who was born on the same day me and we only met once on our 21st birthday when she picked me up hitchhiking home from Robert Moses state park.

If you were born in an Area Hospital, please let us know which in the poll below. Thanks for stopping by today.

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  • Lakeside Hospital Copiague - 42
  • Brunswick Hospital Amityville - 29
  • Good Samaritan Hospital West Islip - 17
  • Brunwick - 1
  • South Shore Hospital,Bayshore - 7
  • Southside Hospital, Baushore - 2


  1. I was born at South Shore Hospital in Bayshore in 1946 and grew up at 390 Scudder Ave., intersection of Hawkins Blvd.& Scudder Ave. any photos of that area? I grew up there and my family ran Joseph Simoncic General Contractors, he was long time member of the fir dept. and he built the original building that became Scudder Elementary School.

  2. had a fish hook (treble hook)removed from my nose at Lakeside ER in the 60’s. The kid looking after me took me fishing on the warf at Tanner Park. He went to cast without looking behind him and he caught my nose. They called the life guard on duty and he had no clue what to do so they called an ambulance, lol.

    • 🙂 they were good for that type of thing. I had my nose sewn back on after a German shepherd bite and my eye stitched after the claw end of a hammer got me.

  3. Broke my arm in November 1976 and walked to Lakeside Hospital from house on Stewart St.
    So Lakeside couldn’t have closed in 1975.

  4. Good morning Mr. Nappo. I was born in Lakeside Hospital on December 18, 1957. My family moved from Long Island to New London, Connecticut when I was 9 months old. My father stationed at the Naval Base in Groton. My mother moved us back to Long Island in 1971. We lived in the house on the corner of GNR and Cedar Ct. Next to Dr. Valenti’s office. We moved to the East Venice a couple of years later.

  5. Hi Matt,
    Just wondering if you remember the factory somewhere near Marconi blvd that made the discs for 45 records ??! How about that story. Orsybr the original Albert from Slbrtt’s Pizza.

  6. My daughter Sheryl was born at Lakeside in 1964, around 1975 I was stung by a bee and was losing sight and turning gray, I was helped into the hospital and a nurse took one look and asked what bit you, pretty sharp nurse that gave me a shot right into the heart…

  7. I wasn’t born at Lakeside but my three youngest siblings were. They were born in 1965, 1963 and 1962. We older siblings were not allowed to visit while my mom was in the hospital with them but I remember standing on the front lawn, waving to her and she waving back to us from her room on the second floor. We all grew up in Lindenhurst. I was born on Staten Island, my first younger brother in NJ and my first younger sister at Good Sam. But the three ‘little kids’ were born at Lakeside.

  8. I was born at Lakeside hospital September 19, 1970. Don’t have much memory of it. I believe my sister was a LPN at that hospital as well.

  9. I was born at Lakeside Hospital in 1964 and delivered by Dr.N. Cohen.He also gave me my vaccinations until 1969 when I started kindergarten and I had met him but have no recollection. I was the only one born at Lakeside and the youngest of 5 older siblings.

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