Reading Together Builds Literacy Skills

Dressed in their pajamas, students in grades 3-5 at Susan E. Wiley Elementary School participated in a Family Literacy Night on Nov. 1.


The theme, “Read With Me,” carried over from the K-2 Family Literacy Night held last month. Students joined teachers in their classrooms to learn reading tactics such as “Read, Cover, Remember, Retell,” the “3-2-1 Strategy” and the “Two-Word Strategy.”
Students partnered with a friend and took turns reading to one another. At the end of the evening, students received a “we both read” book to bring home, where students and their parents can read together using higher-level texts for parents and age-appropriate texts for the students.

While the students read together in the classrooms, parents learned about the different reading strategies and the importance of reading together at home.

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